Here at Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Ltd. we encourage a culture of service, integrity and professionalism. It’s all about you, our clients. You are our priority and you deserve only the best.

What you will find here at Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Ltd. are brokers who are at the top of their game, highly knowledgeable, respected by their clients and peers, and devoted to working their hardest to have your real estate transaction completed in your best interest. They are supported by a Qualifying Broker whose goals are to have Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Ltd. serve their clients professionally using all the most up-to-date tools technology has to offer. And a staff that makes it their focus to see that the brokers are always able to give you their best. We are in business to serve our clients highest interest – period.

We partner with you to find the right solution to your real estate needs. If you’re a buyer, we gear our search to specific properties that fit your personal requirements. If you’re a seller, we put all of our efforts into marketing your unique property correctly, including using the latest technology tools to attract potential buyers in the most attention-getting ways.

Behind all our efforts here at Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Ltd., we have the full support and resources of the national brand – all of which we put behind you.  Especially for sellers, this includes the top rated brand website attracting millions of buyers.  It also allows our associate brokers to be trained in:

  1. Maximizing sales and marketing efforts
  2. Utilizing the latest technology tools
  3. Staying on top of all legal requirements

Simply put, our top real estate company in Santa Fe gives its brokers more ways to help our clients sell their properties.

We are the trusted source of innovative real estate solutions, creating exceptional experiences for all we serve.

Our Leadership

As Qualifying Broker of Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Ltd., Beverly offers a supportive, creative, educational, and productive atmosphere to Associate Brokers. She has an “open door” approach and is willing to offer help to every Broker to achieve their business and personal life goals. Her understanding of the marketplace and creative thinking help empower Associate Brokers to successfully complete transactions and enable them to have confidence, conviction and peace of mind. Sales meetings with weekly professional development sessions can add value to each Broker and can keep them at the forefront of the market.

One of her core beliefs is creating an experience that cannot be found elsewhere. She understands real estate is a relationship and service based business. She strives to garner the respect of her peers while providing a culture and atmosphere based on integrity and teamwork. She believes in accountability and assisting others to reach higher levels.

Personal Background

Beverly became a qualifying broker in 1991 when she took over her family real estate business, Chapman Realty. Since 1966, Chapman Homes has been building and remodeling custom homes in Santa Fe. Prior to real estate, Beverly owned a deli and laundromat called Suds in Albuquerque, NM. Beverly is overjoyed to be a part of the Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Ltd. family!

Our History

Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Ltd. started with Joel Faye Bennet and John Grover in 1981 as Trails West Realty.  In April of 1985 Bennet and Grover affiliated with Coldwell Banker and by the end of the year achieved a 40% market share with 5.6% of the Associate Brokers in Santa Fe Association of Realtors.  The company was sold in December 1994; ownership changed, but the company remained the same.  Coldwell Banker Trails West Realty, Ltd. is currently owned by Mike and Theresa Nelson, who also own and manage Coldwell Banker Sudderth Nelson in Alamogordo, NM.

Coldwell Banker was founded in 1906 when Colbert Coldwell, a young real estate Sales Associate, observed families trying to piece their lives together following the disastrous San Francisco earthquake. Disapproving of Sales Associates who acquired property from vulnerable sellers and then resold it at huge profits, and seeing a need for honest, knowledgeable real estate professionals, he formed his own company. This new company was based on a revolutionary philosophy: the client’s best interest above all. In 1914, Benjamin Arthur Banker, another real estate professional, joined Colbert Coldwell as a full partner. Together, Coldwell and Banker forged a tradition of integrity, exceptional service and customer satisfaction that became the company’s hallmark. The company was far ahead of its time in its focus on customer service.